Web Design

At POG Technology We help organizations who care so much about their corporate image radically improve their website design and create exciting user experiences.

In facing the reality: the standards of web design are rising and internet users are catching on. If your web site does not meet your industry’s standards in presentation and usability, visitors who come to your website won’t give you a chance. So while you can’t judge a book by its cover, internet users every day prove you can judge a business by its website design.

Website components: There are three steps that are involved in the website construction process namely.

1.1.Design of Site.

1.2.Technology of Site.

1.3.Content of Site

1.1.Design of Site: The design of your website will be developed by working with our professional designers. It will involve unique creative elements for the web site, which will reflect and amplify your image.

1.2.Technology of Site: The backbone languages include PHP, HTML, MySQL, CSS and JavaScript, along with a variety of other technologies. The programming is written for a quality and visitor friendly experience, with a standard Internet browser, along with web page-based interactive tools for site administration.

1.3.Content of site: The site content would be based on materials presented by you.