Travels and Tours

POG Travels & Tours Nigeria was established in 2014 among other mandates; aimed to facilitate transnational mobility of Nigerians .

Our services enable our clients to trust us in helps with their Travel Procurement Services to any European and North American and Other Countries. This application of Travel Procurement (Visas) for the purpose to Visiting, Tourism, Business or Educational Conferences/Seminars, Work/Business Permits in Europe, North America and other Countries as the case maybe..

(a) Assist the applicant in the preparation and submission of their application for International Travel Document Procurement (Visas), for the main applicant, his/her parents, spouse and their dependent(s) if they are elected by the main applicant as accompanying dependents.
(b) Prepare the applicant for any interview that may be granted and assist concerning any medical and police clearance, document translations and authentication processing with appropriate authorities, accommodations and flights tickets that may be required in relation with the application.
(c) Liaise, communicate and make representations on behalf of the applicant to Embassies, including their overseas offices, until a final decision is reached or the application is dissolved